In a rapidly changing world full of economical & technical challenges, customer expectations are growing on daily base. One essential & influential thing will never change: the need of personal attention!


By Profiling your customer database, Predicting your customers interests & buying behavior and enabling utmost attractive Personalized 1:1 automated marketing campaigns!


Everybody needs personal attention!

What Profiling | Prediction | Personalization SaaS

Our 6 P’s Profiling | Prediction | Personalization SaaS


The first step is to create a deep understanding of your customers, by analyzing their behavior patterns via the Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value (RFM) method.


Second step is utilizing SMART algorithms such as pattern behavior, related items, similar audience to predict future interests and or buying behavior of your customers.


Third step is enabling surprising, effective and personalized 1:1 marketing campaigns based on the outcome of the customer behavior analysis and predictions;


Pro stands for effective, positive, forward thinking & acting Professionals who are focusing on doing the right things!


We define and embrace 4 types of partnerships: We believe that partnerships are crucial in building and growing business. Our Customers, Our Big Data Tech Lab , our growth Partners and Thought Leadership Partners! We always strive to a win win outcome for all!


By constantly ‘listening to understand our customer needs we are able to create and improve our product portfolio that adds valuable commercial insights and foresights to your business!

What People Are Saying enables us to predict customer behavior. For example, our communication is precisely tailored to who will buy when and when. This gives us high relevance and conversion in our marketing and we invest our marketing euro very effectively.

Robert de Boer

Managing Director gives me a lot of insight into our customer database. With this insight, I'm able to use our e-marketing much more effectively. I save time and costs and I get a better results.

Susan Delver

Head of Marketing Communications Piet Zoomers

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